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Is Facebook a MONEY-MAKING
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Instantly Uncover More Than 600,000 Profitable
Facebook-Instagram Ads & Viral Posts In Any Niche!

    • Spy over half million Facebook Ads
      Over 600,000 Winning & Profitable Ads to replicate
      & get huge CTR, low CPC, and huge ROI
    • Over 10,000 “Growing database” of Instagram Profitable Ads
      First time ever, spy & research Instagram Ads
    • Over 10,000 FB Video Profitable Ads
      Spy on your competitors FB Videos Ads
    • See Your Competitor’s TeeSpring, Shopify,
      eCommerce & other Landing Pages
    • Millions Of Viral Niche Posts
      Find out which FB & Instagram posts are going viral
      & why...then quickly & effortlessly recreate them
    • Spy on EXACT Interests & More
      Find the EXACT interest, targeting type, Days Running,
      & Ad Spent of your competitor

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"Works in ALL Countries & Languages"

"Every now and then a tool comes out that literally changes the way we do this. Adsviser2 is one of those. It's amazing how easy is makes creating profitable FB ads and how easily you can find what your competitors are selling well. I don't even need to test tons of ads campaigns anymore....I simply login to Adsvier2, find the ad thats doing well for my niche and reverse engineer simple as that. Adsviser2 is something I would highly recommend."
Neil Napier
CEO - KVSocial
"We run a lot of FB ads and it's never been so easier to find the most profitable and engaging ad copies and replicate them. It's definitely saving a ton of money on testing ads. If you want to run profitable FB ads, Adsviser is a must have tool!"
Karthik Ramani
Founder - Explaindio Founder - MemberHub
"From promoting my video channels to selling my software online, I run a lot of Facebook ads. Adsviser2 has made my work 100x easier, because I know exactly what kind of ads my competitors are using successfully. I can simply replicate them effortlessly. Adsviser 2 is a no-brainer, a must have tool for everyone."
Cyril 'JEET' Gupta
Founder/CEO - Tekniforce
"I’ve been using Adsviser for over a year now and this is my GO-TO tool for Ads research. Spending all my days doing ads for myself and my clients, I know how frustrating it can be to get the ads right and to make them sales. Adsviser2 has definitely helped me and my clients run better, more profitable and cheaper ads. I highly recommend this to everyone."
Tarun Rathi
100K/week Shopify Marketer

Todd Lloyd
Adsviser Power User

Adsviser Power User

Nadir Kabir
Adsviser Power User

Adsviser Power User

Earl Simon
Adsviser Power User

Avi Morgenstern
Adsviser Power User

Stop Guessing What
**MIGHT** Work

(And start getting instant access to
profitable ads and viral content
for your
TeeSpring, Shopify, Amazon and
Any Affiliate offers today!)

Traffic from a Single Ad Campaign Using Ads
Found on Adviser2...

...and made $16,059.91 last week
on our Shopify Store!

Here's another Ad Campaign we create
using Adsviser2 Ads research:

Let’s face it…

It can take months to create a profitable ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, and thousands of dollars in testing.

Trying to test different offers, audiences, headlines, content, images and landing pages is exhausting, right?

Not anymore!

Now you can see the exact Facebook and Instagram ads and viral posts that your biggest competitors are using to get clicks…

… and the actual landing pages they’re using to turn those clicks into customers!

Whether you’re selling T-shirts on TeeSpring, or Baseball caps on Shopify, or even launching your own product…


Download Your Competitors Most
PROFITABLE Facebook Ad Campaigns &
Replicate Them In Minutes…

…Eliminating The Guesswork
And Shows You Exactly What Ads Are Working On
Facebook & Instagram Right Now!

Here's How It Works:

STOP wasting time and money on Facebook and Instagram posts that keep getting ignored…

… and finally open the floodgates to the hidden traffic, leads and sales that your competitors
have been enjoying on Facebook and Instagram for years!

Watch in real time, as we quickly uncover
winning Facebook ad campaigns...

You Can Use Adsviser To

Find Profitable Shopify Stores & Products
Find Top Selling T-shirt designs on TeeSpring
Find the most Profitable Mobile Offers
Find out what's selling for Amazon Affiliates
Find High Converting CPA offers that are profitable on FB
Find NEW & PROFITABLE Niches that no one wants you to know
Figure out the exact AUDIENCE your competitors are targeting
Save time and money on testing multiple ad groups

Spy On Your Competitors,
From Anywhere In The World

There’s no clunky software to download. Open any internet browser, log in, and instantly uncover thousands of proven ad campaigns and viral content ideas…

… exposing the offers, audience, ad content, and even the landing pages that your competitors are using to dominate your niche…

all at the push of a button!

Unlock The Hidden Formula Behind Ads
And Viral Posts That Get Tons Of Likes,
Shares, Comments And Clicks!

Identify Converting Ad Copy - Stop wasting time, money, and resources on traffic sources that don't convert -- let your competitors do the work for you. Discover their most profitable publishers and ad copy. There's nothing worse than buying expensive traffic on Facebook that doesn't convert.

Uncover Your Competitor's
Marketing Strategy and uncover
where competitors and industry leaders are
already targeting and spending

You can see what kind of audience an advertiser is targeting. For example, get an idea on what interest is using such as “technology” or “Internet Marketing” or check the kind of Fan pages that he is targeting and see if the targeted people have listed specific occupation in their facebook profile. AND many MORE

And Uncover The Winning
Landing Pages Your Competitors
Are Sending Traffic To!

Identify Converting Landing Pages. No need to reinvent the wheel. See which landing pages already work for your industry. Apply these insights to your own marketing strategy and watch as your campaigns improve immediately.

“We run a lot of FB ads and it's never been so easier to find the most profitable and engaging ad copies and replicate them. It's definitely saving a ton of money on testing ads. If you want to run profitable FB ads, Adsviser is a must have tool!”


Karthik Ramani

See who’s running successful ads on Facebook and Instagram, and who they are advertising to

See what products your competitors are successfully selling on Facebook and Instagram


See where your competitors are running successful ads on Facebook and Instagram (newsfeed, sidebar, mobile?)

See how your competitors are running successful Facebook and Instagram ads (video, text, pictures, headlines, body text, call to action and more!)


New For 2016 & Beyond:
Discover The VIRAL Facebook &
Instagram Posts That Are Raking FREE
Traffic For Your Competitors!

Why stop with ads?

Now you can spy on the VIRAL posts your competitors are using to rake in free traffic day after day, so you can do the same!

With Adsviser2, you can find...

  • CONTESTS... they’re using to create viral traffic and get people talking
  • VIRAL CONTENT... they’re using to boost shares and spread the word
  • TIPS... they’re using to connect with their audience and build trust
  • SURVEYS... they’re using to get inside the minds of their prospects

… AdsViser 2.0 reveals an endless stream of viral content ideas that your competitors are using to pull in 100% FREE traffic.

Now you can create viral posts, without any guesswork!

Find Viral Traffic Getting
Posts Like These:

At the push of a button, uncover thousands of viral Facebook and Instagram posts that your competition has been secretly using to rake in clicks, traffic, shares, likes, leads and sales on Facebook AND Instagram for years.

No Need To Hire Copywriter or FB Ads Experts!

Now you can instantly get all the “inspiration” you need to create proven, winning ad campaigns and viral posts in seconds… without blowing thousands on copywriters, consultants, coaches or advertising agencies!

The Most Powerful Ad Spy
Tool We’ve Ever Created…

In 2015, we launched Adsviser 1.0, and instantly, we knew that we had created an awesome tool that social media marketers couldn’t live without. A tool that gives you a truly unfair shortcut to more traffic, cheaper FB ads clicks, more subscribers and tons more sales.

Today, we’re proud to announce Adsviser 2.0…

… a brand new, highly advanced version of Adsviser for 2016 and beyond, packed with cutting-edge features you won’t find anywhere else, including…

600K Profitable
Facebook Ads

get access to a huge and growing database of highly profitable Facebook ads in any niche. See what’s truly working on Facebook for your competitors right now, and forever more.

Instagram Ads

for the first time ever, see the cash-raking Instagram ads that your competitors are using to pull in customers like crazy. You won’t find feature this anywhere else!

10,000 Viral

stop wasting time and money creating content that gets ignored, and start downloading thousands of viral post ideas that are already raking in traffic for your competitors

Ads From Over 30+
New Countries

dominate foreign markets and tap into non-English speaking audiences, with proven ads that are working around the world!

Deep Filters

Easily Find What You’re Looking For, When You Need It. Search from over 39+ new countries, type of ads, Facebookor Instagram, age, date, level of engagement and more.

Ad Alert

Want to know what you competitors re up to? It's easy with Adsivser2. Get an Email every time your competitors or anyone you want run an Ad

“Follow Your

Follow Your Competitor Ads to Keep In The Loop, And Get Fresh New Ideas Week After Week!

- Unlock All The Audience
Targeting Options For Any Ad

See exactly who to target in your ads for maximum clicks and sales!

Slick, Updated Design and
User Friendly Layout for 2016

Never be overwhelmed with all the features and buttons and nobs and all that. Adsviser2 is the easiest app to use, even for a newbie

Video Ads

Brand New For 2016! See the Videos That Your Competitors Are Using To Steal All The Traffic and Cheap Clicks in Your Niche!

The result?
You can finally…

Get All the Traffic, Subscribers
and Sales You Could Ever Dream Of

  • Forget hiring copywriters or consultants at $250 per hour.
  • Forget spending $50, $100 or even $200 per day to find that winning ad combination.
  • Forget buying books, courses and private coaching sessions to learn all the theory behind a successful Facebook or Instagram ad.
  • Now you can legally CHEAT your way to high profit ad campaigns for just one tiny fee today!
  • Normally this database sells for $299 a month, but I want to make your life selling on Social Media easier…
  • …which is why I’m going to hand you our same top performing Facebook and Instagram ads and landing page combinations…
  • …all for just for the cost of a pizza.

Just Think About
The Money You’re Saving…

With Adsviser2, you’re about to save…

$1000’s on
copywriter fees

Who needs a copywriter when you can just see what’s working for your competitors instead?

$1000’s on
consultant fees

Who needs a consultant to tell you what “might” work in the real world, when you can already see what’s working?

$1000’s on wasted
clicks and “dud” ads

Wave goodbye to ads and posts that either drain your budget or get completely ignored, and just copy what already works instead!

Hurry, Price Increases In…

And Get Your Life Back Too…

It can take months of testing to find your first profitable ad.

Testing different offers, audiences, headlines, content, images and landing pages will cost you a TON of time and money.

Wouldn’t you rather be at the beach, playing with your kids, or spending more time looking after your customers instead?

Now you can, because…

Uncovering Profitable Facebook
And Instagram Ad Campaigns
Has Never Been Faster Or Easier!

Get started in just 3 simple steps:

  • - Step 1: Log into your dashboard

  • - Step 2: Choose the type of ad you want to spy on

  • - Step 3: Type in a specific country, URL or keyword, refine your search, and hit “Find Ads Now”

… and wham…

… instantly see the traffic-getting, money-making ads that your competitors are secretly using behind your back!

  • No more spending months slaving over ads and landing pages that **MIGHT** work if you’re lucky.
  • No more back and forth with copywriters and consultants.
  • No more months of steep learning curves, trying to figure out the secret formulas behind a successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaign.
  • No more guesswork.

  • No more trial and error.

Just Fire Up Adsviser 2.0
& See What’s Already Working
In Your Niche!

With 600,000 ads loaded into Adsviser 2.0 (that’s 3 X more ads than our first release) there are ads you can swipe in just about EVERY niche out there.

And just so you know…

100% Compliant, Forever!

AdsvViser 2.0 contains over 600,000 proven ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram, ready for you to spy on.

These campaigns are not “scraped” using robots. They are manually selected and linked inside our platform, based on our proven criteria for identifying profitable ad campaigns. Unlike other tools, Adsviser can’t be shut down, because it’s not breaking any rules. And unlike other tools that put your accounts as risk, Adsviser is 100% compliant with TOS and keeps your account 100% safe.

It’s like having thousands of people tirelessly scouring Facebook and Instagram, finding the winning ad copy, images, audiences, and landing pages that are already getting tons of likes, shares, clicks and cash in your niche.

Now you can, because…

100% Success Guarantee

I guarantee that Adsviser 2.0 is the fastest, easiest way to uncover profitable Facebook and Instagram ads and viral posts straight out the gate, without risking hundreds of dollars and weeks of guesswork.

And to prove it, I’m going to let you try it risk-free for an entire 30 days!

Yep. Now you can download your competitor’s most profitable ad campaigns and viral posts, and cheat your way to success starting tonight…

… and over the next 30 days…

… if you still don’t LOVE Adsviser 2.0…

… then I’ll refund you every last penny on the spot.

No questions asked, no B.S.

Hurry, Price Increases In…

So, Why Wait?

There has never been an easier – and more affordable – time to launch a profitable ad campaign, to start building your list and selling your products, without blowing thousands of dollars in trial and error.

For the first time ever, you can finally spy on Facebook and Instagram ads, along with successful landing pages that turn clicks into cash.

Plus, thousands of viral posts that are raking in free traffic for your competitors every single day.

Let’s start spying!

Start making real money with Facebook and Instagram ads

Choose Your Version...

  • Instagram Ads
  • Newsfeed Ads Search
  • Deep Filters
  • Video Ads
  • Right Side Ads
  • Mobile Ads Search
  • Viral Posts Search
  • Number of Searches Per Day

AdsViser2 Starter

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • 100
  • Adsviser 2.0 Starter

AdsViser2 Full

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 5000+
  • Adsviser 2.0 Multi

To Your On-Going Success

Abhi Dwivedi

Oliver Goodwin

Frequently Asked

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes. Absolutely. Businesses have been spying on each other’s ads since advertising was invented. Difference is, now it’s 1000 times easier and faster. Now you can see exactly what works, for countless competitors, in just seconds, all in one place!

Q. But, is this ethical?

A. Absolutely. Remember, you’re not “copying” your competitors. You’re using Adsviser to see how and why they’re getting all the clicks and cash from their ads... what they’re saying... how they’re saying it... who they’re saying it to... and what they’re selling. Everything you need to quickly create your own winning ads in seconds from now, without wasting months and spending hundreds of dollars on testing.

Q. Will Facebook or Instagram BAN this tool?

A. No. This tool is not a scraper or a bot. It doesn’t “interfere” with Facebook. The entire database is built by humans, following a specific algorithm. In fact, we don’t store anything, simply link back from our portal. We are 100% TOS compliant. It’s literally impossible for this tool to get shut down, because it doesn’t break any rules, and never will.

Q: I purchased Adsviser 1.0. Do I get this as a free upgrade?

A. Sorry, but AdsViser 2.0 is not an “upgrade.” It’s vastly different from the original software and built from Scratch. Packed with dozens of fundamentally new features, including the ability to search Instagram ads, video ads, a 600,000 strong database of ads (3 X bigger than our original database), ad alerts and more. It’s the difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 7. We’ve rebuilt this tool from the ground up with new designs, new interfaces, new features and of course, a vastly bigger ad database. We’d love to offer this for free to previous customers, but our developers and designers would probably hold us ransom in a dark cellar somewhere. If you loved Adsviser 1.0, then you already know it’s worth every penny. And I promise, you’re going to absolutely GO NUTS when you see the power of Adsviser 2.0 in action!

Log into Adsviser 2.0 today and instantly uncover ads that are already working, in the real world…

… and finally drive tons of cheap, targeted traffic to your Shopify stores, TeeSpring campaigns or any other page...

... and put money in your bank, day after day!

Hurry, Price Increases In…